About Natalija Walbridge

Artist Natalija Walbridge is a fiber artist behind the brand Dock 5.

During her previous career as a corporate fashion designer, she watched the business model change from local production of speciality items, to global production of cheap, fast fashion. Her soul was longing to work in a way that would have less environmental impact while using art to create community dialog, so she took a leap of faith to become an independent artist.

She believe that quality craftsmanship equals sustainability. That's why her canvas bags are built to last. Everything is made in small batches in her home studio.

Behind Our Brand

  • Quality Components

    A quality product starts with high-quality materials. Everything made by Dock 5 features fabric and notions hand-selected by Natalija for strength and sustainability.

  • Meaningful Artwork

    The artwork on every Dock 5 product is designed by Natalija and the natural beauty that flows through Duluth and Lake Superior. From flora and fauna to the towering lift bridge, they're all uniquely Northland inspired.

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship

    A career in the fashion industry gave Natalija the skills to create products that are functional and durable, as well as attractive. Customers tell us their Dock 5 bag has become their go-to bag for years because of its durability.

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