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In 2014 Natalija Walbridge took a giant leap of faith leave corporate fashion design to pursue her passion of creating ultra-premium, accessories which fuse high art and elegant function.  By converting her home along Duluth, Minnesota's picturesque Park Point to a silkscreen printing and sewing studio, Natalija created Dock5, an innovative, entrepreneurial business which combines Natalija's talents for creative pattern making and sewing engineering with original, handmade prints.

Dock 5's launch collection was inspired by Duluth's famous Aerial Lift Bridge, which perfectly exemplifies the intersection of art and function. Erected in 1905, the massive, yet graceful structure has facilitated the passage of people and commerce unfailingly for more the 100 years, while its delicate lattice of steel continues to provide beauty and interest to the harbor and Canal Park.

This same fusion of art and function informs every Dock 5 creation. Each bag is hand-crafted to exacting standards, using materials that will age gracefully and perform for a lifetime. Natalija's designs, like the elegant architecture of this remarkable bridge, exemplify a pairing of function and detail which are at once beautiful and timeless.

Dock 5 bags are guaranteed for your life's journey.

Dock 5 "It's the art you live with, everywhere you go.

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address: 2311 Minnesota Ave, Duluth, MN 55802

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